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If you see a character you want your character to interact with, hit me up with that rp request, yo. My children and your children can go on epic adventures and save the world and stuff. 

Sage gambling by ScarecrowLullaby  Sage by ScarecrowLullaby Sage Info SheetName: Sage
Meaning: The name Sage literally means “wise one”.
Nickname: Mutt
Origin: Though Sage has some centaur blood, it's a minuscule amount and causes him to have slight features of a Centaur. It causes him to be an outcast with humans and centaurs alike, earning him the nickname Mutt.
Title: Scribe
Meaning: A person who copies documents by hand.
Race: Partial Centaur
Sexual Orientation: ???
Social Class: Upper Class
Occupation: Scribe, Student of the Elders
Location: Taruke
Physical Appearance...
Age (appearance): Sage
 Arinda ref sheet by ScarecrowLullaby  Alagos (Arinda's foal) by ScarecrowLullaby
Sage | Male | 26 | Unknown Orientation | Scribe
Arinda (mare) - Illorian Warmblood Foal: Alagos (colt) - Illorian Warmblood
Sage is the outcast of both humans and centaurs. He has enough Centaur blood to display some animal features, but not enough to be half horse. Despite this, he is still considered a notable member of the upper class, able to study under the elder Scribes of Taruke, contributing his skills of communication and meticulous precision to the Kingdom of Illoria. 

Even the most useful, dedicated scholars have their downfalls. For Sage, it's gambling and cowardice. He can never turn down just one more game of dice, or a bet on just about anything. Luckily, he normally wins. All luck runs out eventually, though, just like Sage when there's a threat to his person. His sense of self preservation outweighs any moral value he carries. When in a tight spot or risky situation he looks out for himself and nobody else, even if it means abandoning his closest friend. 

2202090e8f5fff503e32c0f0f24fa4f3-d7met23 by ScarecrowLullaby  Adoptable12  Custom 3  By Awetosorphanage-d6n567s by ScarecrowLullaby  Stephen Talvace Info SheetCharacter Name: Stephen Talvace
Age: 29
Occupation: King
Family Members and/or Significant Others: Stephen is currently unmarried. Stephen's parents were both killed by the Erchronds while traveling, making him king earlier than he expected. He was close with both his mother and father, and had done his best to make them proud while they were alive. He has no siblings.  
Personality traits: Stephen is a noble king. He showed great bravery when the kingdom was first under attack by vowing to personally assist in tracking down and defeating the Erchronds. He is described as a fair and generous king, distributing the kingdoms goods to those who need them most instead of favoring the rich like many kings will. He is daring in his blatant disregard for the previous hierarchy created by his father. Instead he chooses to be independent by creating his own hierarchy and refusing to be bribed with money to have people matter more than others. Everyone is
  RBS Ricko by ScarecrowLullaby
Stephen Talvace | Male | 29 | Unknown Orientation | King of Illoria
Mount: Bayard (stallion) - Illorian War Horse
Bad times come to the most undeserving people, and Stephen Talvace is no exception. For decades his parents ruled the kingdom, retaining the peace that had been in place for centuries. Their peaceful nature left them unprepared for the hostility of the Erchronds that appeared in the kingdom, and they were slain in their carriage on the return from Taruke. The information they had received in the counsel meeting with the Scribes was lost, leaving Stephen unprepared for the war that set upon Illoria while he mourned their deaths.

Now, Stephen struggles along with his kingdom to survive the war they were not prepared for. Though young, his soldiers and people respect him, even if they do whisper behind closed doors if he is truly able to protect them after 300 years of peace. Wanting nothing but to defend the kingdom his parents left him, Stephen spends every waking minute studying ancient war victories and military movements. He treats his troops like his brothers, and does his best to answer their needs, no matter the cost. Heart cannot replace experience, though, and the fate of Illoria teeters on the edge in his hands.

Despite his closeness to his troops and those around him, Stephen is oblivious when others display affections towards him. His mind is too consumed with the task of defending his kingdom and filling the empty thrones of his parents to worry about love or being wed.  

Daechir  Blue by ScarecrowLullaby  Methenor by ScarecrowLullabyLucian Gorgeousness by ScarecrowLullaby Lucian Aurel - Character SheetName: Lucian Aurel
Meaning: Lucian is a name of Latin origin meaning "light". Aurel is also of Latin origin and means "golden or gilded". Lucian's full name roughly means "Golden Light". 
Nickname: Luc (pronounced Luce)
Origin: This nickname is a shortened version of Lucian and is used by very few people.
Title: Slave
Race: Caucasian
Sexual Orientation: Due to the traumas of his past, Lucian does not feel attraction to other people be it in a romantic light or otherwise. Because of this he is thought to be a-sexual. This means that Lucian is not physically attracted to people. If he were to be attracted to someone, be it male or female, the attraction would be mostly, if not entirely, to their personality or intelligence. 
Social Class: If Lucian's class were to be based solely on his blood status, he would be a high class citizen. Because it is largely based on his enslavement to Daechir, though, he is considered a lowe
  Admir (Lucian) (Tentative) by ScarecrowLullaby
Daechir Argyros | Male | ??? (40's or 50's) | Pansexual | Corrupted King - Controls Erchronds
Mount: Methenor  (stallion) - Elven war Horse
True evil isn't created, it's born. Daechir doesn't have kindness in him, though he can pretend to when manipulating his peers. To his very core he is darkness and vile cruelty. Lucian, his personal slave, was only one of many victims to lose their parents at his hands. Lords and Ladies grovel at his feet so that they might escape being crushed beneath them, but that is exactly what happens to them. Being a member of his inner circle, devoting yourself to his servitude voluntarily, bribing him, none of these things will allow you to escape his wrath. Being in contact with this man means you are coming in to contact with your early death.

Lucian Aurel | Male | 17 (looks 14 or 15) | Asexual, Panromantic | Slave to Daechir
Mount: Admir (gelding) - stock horse (mixed breed)
Lucian has been broken physically, he has been obliterated mentally, and still he stands tall. Physically weak and impaired by blindness, he is almost always near Daechir by not only requirement, but desire. The man murdered his parents, did unspeakable things to him, and even blinded him, but after losing his sight Lucian became solely dependent on the man. Being his personal Slave was hell, he often endured the brunt of Daechir's angry through verbal and physical abuse, but it also meant he was educated and untouchable by outside dangers. Lucian is not loyal to Daechir, but he does realize the safety he provides.

Noble blood or not, a blind boy of 17 would not fair well on his own in the kingdom of Aligoch, so he stays with Daechir and bides his time, waiting for a chance at freedom.

Note: Lucian's history may be requested by note only. It is graphic in nature and not all users may be comfortable viewing it. 

Daechir and Lucian can only be interacted with together. 



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